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swim_challenge's Journal

Swimmers Icon Challenge
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Welcome to swim_challenge, an icon challenge community for swim fans.

Rules for Challenges

1. You must be a member of this community to enter challenges.
2. You may submit up to TWO icons per challenge.
3. For each challenge, you can only use the picture(s) provided. You do not have to use all of the pictures, and they can be cropped.
4. All submissions must be within livejournal's standards: less than 40k, 100x100, saved in .gif, .jpg or .png format.
5. Brushes/textures etc. are allowed. Text is allowed unless otherwise stated. Animation is allowed, but please keep it reasonable (no rapid-blinking text).
6. All submissions MUST be your own work. You will be banned immediately if caught stealing someone else's work & submitting it as your own.
7. You cannot post your challenge entries ANYWHERE until the challenge is over (after the winners are posted). This includes on your own journal & in other icon communities.

*Any violation of the above rules will result in disqualification

Rules For Voting

1. You cannot vote for yourself
2. The number of votes per person will depend on the number of submissions for the challenge
3. Do not ask your friends to vote for you

General Community Rules

1. Respect other people's work
2. No stealing! If you like someone's icon & want to use it, ask the maker first!
3. No drama!
4. Only one username per person is allowed in the community. If you are changing journals, you must leave the community under your old journal & rejoin under your new name.

Unlike many icon challenge communities, this community will not have a regular schedule (e.g., challenges posted on Mondays, voting on Fridays). Be sure to watch the community for new challenges & deadlines!

Any questions? Ask.

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